• How Students Benefit From Working With Our Tutors


      You know exactly how your goals will be achieved with us. We build your program plan, lay out the schedule, and help you get organized.


      Students can learn in the environment that is most comfortable and convenient for them because we come to your preferred location - your home, a coffee shop, or online.


      Students learn as efficiently as possible with our one-on-one learning model. We meet students at their current level of understanding, remove distractions and roadblocks, and create an environment that produces results.

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  • From Our Blog on Academic Strategy for High School Parents

    • Announcing GMAT Advanced Math Videos

        For a while followers of NYC Math Tutoring and Test Prep have been asking for videos explaining how to solve math problems that appear on the GMAT.  I am excited to announce a new video series where I will solve advanced GMAT math problems on YouTube to support those preparing for this challenging test. … Read more »

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    • Is Your “A” Student Hanging By A Thread?

      As parents, it’s often difficult to know whether your child is really “getting it” in school. Sometimes the report card does not tell the whole story. Grades can be misleading. Kids are good at finding shortcuts, memorizing procedures, matching patterns, and learning just enough to muddle through problems on the test. The long term impact… Read more »

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    • Math Class Needs a Makeover

      In his Ted Talk called “Math Class Needs a Makeover,” Dan Meyer likens teaching in today’s schools to “selling a product to a market that doesn’t want it but is forced by law to buy it.” To most parents, it is not surprising that kids find math challenging and generally do not enjoy it.

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